Wedding season has well and truly kicked off, I have had a couple of weeks to breathe in between bookings and I've caught up on all my editing and delivered the last 3 weddings I shot so I'm feeling good and gearing up ready to go again.

The last 3 saw me in Oxfordshire, Yorkshire and the Peak District, the next few see me in Leeds, Sheffield and then all the way down to Kent which I'm tying in with a visit to a dear pal.  The pics in this post are a mix of the ones I've just sent off. Every year before I start wedding season I get the panic of the pressure of photographing someone's wedding and I let the panic over take how much I enjoy shooting weddings. Then as soon as I get there, all those feelings go out the window and I feel relaxed and comfortable and eager to get going. There's so much love and happiness and loveliness that I get swept up with all the emotions and forget about the panic from before. 

I've got a weekend off now, going to take it easy and enjoy the weather. It's my last weekend off for 4 weeks so I'm going to enjoy it and eat pizza. I've been shooting some lovely portraits of designers/artists this week that I'm looking forward to sharing soon too, busy busy!